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Here's everything you need to nurture your violets and companion plants from growing containers to violet soil and fertilizer. Keep your violets healthy and blooming year round with these products.

African Violet Pots
(Azalea Pots)
picture Bluebird Greenhouse violet pot

Description: Economy. Durability. Some people call these Azalea pots or tubs but we know better. This is the standard for potting African Violets!

Note: 4 inch and 5 inch are out of stock. We expect more pots in late April 2013.

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2 1/2" African Violet Pots
(terracotta, 2" deep)
Quantity 10 (2 1/2" pots) $1.75
Quantity 50 (2 1/2" pots) $6.95

3" African Violet Pots
(green, 2 1/4" deep)
Quantity 10 (3" pots) $1.95
Quantity 50 (3" pots) $8.95

4" African Violet Pots
(terracotta, 3 inches deep
Quantity 10 (4" pots) $2.39
Quantity 50 (4" pots) $9.45

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Barber of Seville Squirtware

picture of Barber of Seville Squirt Bottle
16 oz Barber of Seville Squirt Bottle
For watering show plants without getting water all over the leaves, this wide mouth squirt bottle is the perfect accessory. It's one of the best laboratory quality bottles we have seen. It will hold 16 oz of water or water with fertilizer. A gentle squeeze of the polythelene bottle will put out a fine stream of liquid. The liquid shoots pretty far!!!! I have been able to water my Siningias at the back of the light shelf by shooting a stream of water from the front. It makes watering fun! Of course you would never want to try this with large show plants. In this case use the nozzle tip to get under the leaves and gently squeeze to give them a drink. Another good use of these squirt bottles is for maintaining plants in a showroom at a Violet show. This is the perfect watering accessory. Clubs preparing for a Violet show may want to get a case or two of these. The 16 oz (500cc) polyethylene bottle is 7" tall (not measuring the squirter) and 2.9" diameter.

16 oz Squirt Bottle $12.95
Case of 6 bottles$69.95

Figidy Wicks! (Violet Wicks)

picture of Bluebird Greenhouse special figidy wicks
5 Yards of Figidy Wicks
Bask in the luxury of 5 yards of figidy wicking - the perfect twisted nylon wicking material available in the following colors: designer white - plain white - white retreat - white slumber - snow white - white blizzard - ultra white - midnight white - white glow - star white - - bridal white - Lexus White and pearl white. For convenience, these are all the same color white. Have fun ... order some from Bluebird Greenhouse using different white names. See if anybody knows what you're talking about. Thread one end into the bottom of a violet pot and place the other into a source of water and you won't have to worry about watering your violets for days at a time. Rumored to also work with plants that are not violets but of course we wouldn't know about that. In case you were worrying about it, this wick material by the Wallace Cordage company has 160 pounds of tensile strength. We're not sure what this has to do with watering violets but this sure is great wicking material.

5 yards Figidy Wicking $1.00
10 yards Figidy Wicking $1.75

Sucker Plucker

picture of sucker plucker
Sucker Plucker
This is a great tool to get into tiny places to expertly groom your plants. Originally sold by the Tinari's who coined the great name "Sucker Plucker". For 60 years of AVSA history, this has been one of the most popular and favorite tools of growers. It makes a great conversation piece as well. Tell your neighbors who probably know nothing about growing African Violets that you use a "sucker plucker" to groom your plants into yielding those beautiful blooms.

1 Sucker Plucker $3.95

Optimara 14-12-14 Violet Food

Monet Studio picture of violet food
Optimara 14-12-14 Violet Food

This is an excellent African Violet fertilizer because the Nitrogen is derived from Ammonium Nitrate instead of urea. Urea is very bad for African Violets because it hinders a Violet's ability to properly absorb water and nutrients. Even if you don't buy this product, avoid any fertilizers that contain urea nitrogen when purchasing fertilizer. Each box contains 6 pre-measured pouches. Mixed with water, each pouch produces one gallon of Violet Food.

  1 Box (6 packets) $2.19
  12 Boxes $21.95

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